Group Exhibitions

2024 “Off White”, Photography Series,  Pilot Gallery, Art Show: Galleries United, The Ritz-Carlton, İstanbul, Türkiye
2023 “Counter” Series, “We Are Inseparable”, bead work with web, Pilot Gallery, Contemporary İstanbul, Türkiye
2022 “Unexpected Movement”, Photography Series, “Backyard”, 8th Canakkale Biennial, Türkiye
2022 “Counter” Series, “All I Need is You”, bead work with web, “Your Body is a Battleground”, Curator: Halil Altındere, Istanbul, Türkiye
2022 “Deep Blue”, Photography Series, “O”, Galeri Nev, Ankara, Türkiye
2021 ‘’’’ web site, ’The Skin, The Body & I’’, Curator: Amira Akbıyıkoğlu, Farah Aksoy, Vasıf Kortun, SALT, Istanbul, Türkiye
2021 “Counter” Series, ’There Is Another Possibility’’ bead work with web, ‘’Don’t Look Back, Deep Is the Past’’, OMM Museum, Eskisehir , Türkiye-c-
2021 “Daylight”, Photography Serie, Love Over Entropy”, Curator: Ayça Okay, Anna Laudel Gallery, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-
2020 “Deep Blue 9”, Photography Series, “Crystal Chateau”, Curator: Can Akgümüş, Evliyagil Museum, Ankara, Türkiye
2019 “Deep Blue 7”, Photography Series, “Golden Age”, Curator: Deniz Artun, Nev Gallery, Ankara, Türkiye
“Deep Blue 6”, Photography Series, “The Whole Planet Was Inside”, Curator: Deniz Artun, Macka Art Gallery, Istanbul, Türkiye
2018 “Deep Blue 2”, Photography Series, “Monomyth”, Curator: Deniz Artun & Can Akgumus, Gallery Nev, Ankara, Türkiye
* ‘Unexpected Movement Series’, “Backyard 2”, Photography Serie, ‘La Chute’, Rem Art Space, Istanbul, Türkiye
* Backyard 2” & “Deep Blue1”, Photography Serie, ‘The Yellow Smell Project’, Ferko Art Gallery, Istanbul, Türkiye
2017 0536 075 56 83″, Irmak Canevi & Zeren Goktan, Selection from the photography series: Unexpected Movements,

”Backyard’’ Selection, Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul, Türkiye

* “Deep Blue”, Photography Serie, Krank Art Gallery Booth, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye
2015 “Unexpected Movements”, Photography Serie, Zilberman Gallery Booth, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye
2014 “Labyrinth”, Kilim, ‘Talimatlar/Yorumlamalar’, Istanbul Design Biennial; Parallel Events, Dhoku, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Türkiye
 * “Daylight” Photography Serie, Gallery Zilberman booth, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye
 * “Unexpected Movement”, Photography Serie, Art International, Zilberman Gallery Booth, Halic Kongress Centre, Istanbul, Türkiye
 * “Black Swan Event”, Photography Serie, PhotoBiennale 22 International Photography Meeting, Topic: Logos, Thessaloniki

Museum of Photography, Greece

* “Unexpected Movements” Photography Serie, ‘Odtu Sanat 15’, Odtu Culture and Congress Center, Ankara, Türkiye
2013 “Unexpected” Photography Series, Gallery Zilberman Booth, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye
* “Aboveground’, “Videos on Stage: Parallel Lines”. Curator:Basak Senova,  ArtInternational, Istanbul, Türkiye
*  “Counter” series; piece:” We Are Inseparable”, bead work with web, ArtInternational, Gallery Zilberman booth, Istanbul, Türkiye
* “Counter” series; Beadwork shrouds with web, Art Basel Hong Kong Art Fair, Gallery Zilberman booth, Hong Kong
* “Your Night/My Day”, A collaborative art project between artists in Iran and the U.S, UNT, Denton, TX, U.S.A
* “Aboveground”, Double Screen Video, Art13 London Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
2012 “Unexpected Movements”, Photography Serie, Gallery Zilberman booth, Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye
* “In-flux”, Digital Animation with Sound, Full Art Prize, Haskoy Yarn Factory, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-
* ‘Black Swan Event’ , Photography series, ‘Figure Out”, Art Sawa, Contemporary Turkish Art, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE -c-
2011 “Black Swan Event”, Photography series, Gallery Zilbermann Booty, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Türkiye
 * “Black Swan Even”’, Photography series, ‘Uncanny Encounters’, Istanbul Modern Museum of Art, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-
* “Red Jump Suit”, Installation with sound, ‘Untitled Original’, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-
2010 “We Are Volunteers”, Video, ‘Where Fire Has Struck’, An exhibition on the 20th Anniversary of the Human Rights

Foundation of Turkey, DEPO, Istanbul, Türkiye

“Free Fall”, Video, text, image, Apartment Project, Istanbul, Türkiye  
 * ”Aboveground”, Video,‘ Theme ‘Reciprocal Visit’, KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia -c-  
* “We Are Volunteers: Video, Biennale Qui Vive, “Is there any hope for an optimistic art?”,

 Moscow Museum of Modern Art Zulak Gallery, Moscow, Russia

* “Loosing a Hero”, Digital Print, ‘Afise’, Yuksel Sabanci Art Center, YTU, Istanbul, Türkiye  
* “Aboveground”, Still Photographs from the video, Year of 10th Exhibition at Kasa Gallery, Kasa Gallery,

Karakoy, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-

2009 Aboveground”, Video, I-adeyi Ziyaret / Reciprocal Visit , Tütün Deposu, Istanbul, Türkiye  
* “We Are Volunteers”(short version), VIDEO.IT 2009, A Bridge Over The Mediterranean, Torino, Italy -c-  
2008 Facing the Walls”, Site Specific Installation with Sound, Action Field Kodra 08, Annual Visual Arts Festival

The Former Military Barracks KODRA, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator: Thalea Stefanidou. Theme:Borderlines -c-

2007 “We Are Volunteers”, Video, 10th International Istanbul Biennial, “Not Only Possible But Also Necessary: Optimism

In the Age of Global War, Marmara Hotel, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-

 * “We Are Volunteers”, Video, 10th International Istanbul Biennial, “Not Only Possible But Also Necessary: Optimism

In the Age of Global War, Silahtaraga / Kadikoy Halk Evi, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-

2006 “Red Jump Suit”, Video “Kargart”, first ‘Video Annual’, Kargart, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-  
2005 “Breadzone”, Digital Animation, Fh Pozitif+, 4 Levent, Istanbul, Türkiye  
2004 “Untitled”, Sculpture with sound, ‘The 23rd Exhibition of Contemporary Artists’,, The Diyarbakir Greater Municipality Guest Center, Diyarbakır, Türkiye  
“Untitled”, Sculpture with sound, The 23rd Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, Akbank Art and Culture Center, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Türkiye  
“Untitled 1-2”, Installation with sound, Young Balkan Artists ‘Variations in Balkan Spaces’, Bey Hamam, Thessaloniki, Greece  
2003 Breadzone”, Drawing, ‘Drawing not Drawing’, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, U.S.A  
Breadzone”, ” Passing”, Thesis Show, ‘Witney Biennial 2003’, Aidekman Art Center, Medford Tufts University, Boston, MA, U.S.A  
“Red Jump Suit”, Video, Film and Video Annual, ‘Red Jump Suit’, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, U.S.A  
“Red Jump Suit”, Video, ‘Video Annual’, SMFA, Boston, MA, U.S.A  
2001 “Untitled”, Installation with sound, ‘New Work’, Grossman Gallery, SMFA, Boston, MA, U.S.A  
2000 Resistance” Installation,’Yildiz Art-1’, Curator:Beral Madra, Yildiz Teknik University, Istanbul, Türkiye  
1999 “Stairway”, Installation, ‘Ground: space, surface, layer, A shop art gallery, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-  
 * “The Bread Door” Installation, International, Europe, and Mediterranean Young Artist Biennial, Rome, Italy -c  
“Passage”, Installation, Bilkent University, Ankara, Türkiye  
 * Fire”, Printed Image, ‘SOS Fire’, Liceo Scientifico Statale, TeatroContadino Via Falconi San Sebastiano al Vesuivo, Italy  
“Dead Or Alive”, Young Action IV, Tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Türkiye -c-  
 1998 “Untitled”, Installation, Young Art in Ankara-1, In-Out Possibilities, Spaces, Kugulu Park, Ankara, Türkiye -c-  
* “Living the Hives Door Open”, Installation, ‘Being a quest’, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum, Turkey -c-  
 1997 “Tuph”, Installation, ‘International Student Triennial’, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey -c-  
 1996 “Im-migration”, Installation,’Young Action II’, “Yurt-yersizyurdsuzlaşma”, Tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey -c-  
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