2021 ‘’Deep Is the Past’’, OMM Museum, Eskisehir, Turkey
2021 ‘’The Flux Marina Abramovic +MAI’’, Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 “Love Over Entropy”, Gallery Anna Laudel, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 “Counter”, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 “Full Art Prize”, Haskoy Yarn Factory, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 “Figure Out”, Art Sawa, Contemporary Turkish Art, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE
2012 “Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition Past to Present”, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul
2011 “Uncanny Encounters”, Istanbul Modern Museum of Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 “Untitled Original”, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 “Year of 10th Exhibition at Kasa Gallery”, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul
2009 “Reciprocal Visit”, DEPO, Tophane, Istanbul
2009 VIDEO.IT 2009”, A bridge over the mediterranean, Torino, Italy
2008 “ Action Field Kodra 08”, Annual Visual Arts Festival at the Former Military Barracks KODRA, Thessoloniki, Greece. Curator: Thalea Stefanidou. Theme:Borderlines
2008 “In-flux”, Akbank Arts and Culture, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
2007  “Not only possible, but also necessary: Optimism in the Age of Global War”. 10th International Istanbul Biennial, Curator:Hou Hanru, Santal Istanbul and Kadikoy Public Space, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 “The 23rd Exhibition of Contemporary Artists”, The Diyarbakir Greater Municipality Guest House, Diyarbakır,Istanbul, Turkey
2003 “Variations in Balkan Spaces”, Young Balkan Artists Thessaloniki, Greece
1999  “Ground: space, surface, layer”, Curator: Basak Senova, A shop art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
1999  “Vision D’Avenir”, International Europe and Mediterranean Young Artist Biennial, Rome, Italy
1998 “Young Action IV”, Organisation:UNESCO AIPP, Tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey
1998 “Young Art in Ankara-1/ “In-Out Possibilities”, Spaces, Ankara, Turkey
1998  “Similarities-Differences/Guest”, Bodrum, Turkey
1997 “1st International Youth Artist Triennial”, Organised by; Marmara University Dolmabahce Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
“Meeting”, Macka Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
1997 “Young Action II / ”Deterritorialization”, Tuyap Exhibition Center,Istanbul, Turkey