anitsayac is presented in the movie ‘Dying To Divorce’

‘Dying to Divorce’

More than one in three Turkish women have experienced domestic violence. The number of femicides is rising. Ipek, a courageous lawyer, is determined to prevent murders by putting abusive partners behind bars. Alongside activists, she fights to get justice for two survivors of horrific violence, against a backdrop of political upheaval.
Filmed over 5 years, Dying to Divorce takes viewers into the heart of Turkey’s gender-based violence crisis and the recent political events that have eroded democratic freedoms. Through intimately shot stories, the film gives a unique perspective on the struggle to be an independent woman in modern Turkey.


Chloe Fairweather
Sinead Kirwan for Dying To Divorce Ltc
Elisabeth Kleppe for Aldeles AS
Involved TV Channel
Arte/ WDR

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